Fish Aways | Mall of the South

Fish Aways is a casual seafood takeaway restaurant, serving everything from your favourite fish and chips to calamari, prawns, fish burgers, wraps and salads. There are options for single eats as well as sharing meals and seafood platters, and with our new Kiddies’ Menu, there are now options for every member of the family. With everything being freshly prepared, grilled, or fried and served with rice, chips or salad, Fish Aways is the healthier takeaway option. We even have a menu dedicated to Under 500 Calorie meals for those who are looking for healthy takeaway food options.

  • Ground Level
  • 018 487 6201
  • Monday - Thursday: 08:00am - 19:00pm
    Friday: 08:00am - 20:00pm
    Saturday: 08:00am - 20:00pm
    Sunday 08:00am - 18:00pm


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