Mugg & Bean | Mall of the South

Mugg & Bean is a place where customers become regulars and regulars become friends. We are your home away from home, the place where you’ll always get more and more. We’ve gone the extra mile to bring you all your familiar favourites as well as the latest food innovations and seasonal meals. Each plate is generously stacked with fresh ingredients of the highest quality so that you can enjoy more of our delicious and nutritious taste. We’re serious about coffee and we take special care to hand-select the best single-origin beans and international blends from the finest coffee producing regions all over the world. When it comes to decadent treats, we’ve been baking every cake, cookie, muffin, and croissant from scratch in each of our restaurants since day one. Some of our recipes have even been in use for over 20 years because there’s no point in meddling with perfection.

  • Ground Level
  • 018 462 0607
  • Monday - Thursday: 07:00am - 18:00pm
    Friday: 07:00am - 19:00pm
    Saturday: 07:00am - 19:00pm
    Sunday: 07:00am - 17:00pm


We serves delicious ice cream, desserts, waffles and treats, made with our signature NiceCream.

Mugg & Bean is a place where customers become regulars and regulars become friends.

You could say that we're a bit stubborn - it's just that we really know how to make traditional pies and sa...

Yoyo Milk Tea. Refreshing flavored iced tea with tapioca balls at the bottom.